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Unannounced Project

Game Info
Genre: 3rd person Narrative Adventure
Engine: Unreal Engine 4&5

Platform: PC, XBox One, tbd
Release Date: TBD
Work Summary
Position: Level and Gameplay Designer
Though my official title at Deck Nine was "Level Designer" my responsibilities covered a wide range of design disciplines. My responsibilities included:
  • General Scene Setup
    • Creation and/or setup of Primary and Sub Levels, and actor/pawns for scenes to be at least minimally playable
  • Level Block-out
    • Greyboxing and initially layout of scenes
    • Set dressing, and Pawn/Actor/etc. placement
  • Cinematics Prototyping
    - Initially placement of Cinematics cameras and actors/pawns
    - Rough-in of actor animations (movement)
  • Interactivity and Event Setup/Scripting
    - Setup and polish of all interactable objects, and triggered/able events
  • Scene audio setup
    • Setup of scene/environment based audio events
      • e.g. Material based footstep audio
  • AI navigation
    - Nav mesh, and AI event systems setup and polish
  • Final Polish
    • Final product level polish for all Level and Gameplay aspects of scenes

I was also responsible for general QA testing, but due to my direct contact with many of the development teams, I was more often testing specific content by request. 

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