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Game Designer​ specializing in Gameplay Mechanics, and Level/Environment Design

Shipped Titles:

Temple Run 2: (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) | 2015

Fortnite: (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS,

Microsoft Windows, MacOS) 2017

Genre Experience:

Narrative Adventure

Infinite Runner

Action Adventure

First Person Shooters

  • ​5 Year in the industry working as a Game and Level Designer
    for AAA PC and  F2P Mobile

  • Game Design: Scene/Event scripting, Narrative Gameplay, Live Ops,
    Pacing, Level Layout, Game Mechanics,Grey/White Box, Prototyping

  • Practical Knowledge: Unreal and Unity experience, Visual Scripting (Blueprints),
    intermediate knowledge of 2D and 3D Art/Animation software,
    intermediate knowledge of coding/scripting

  • Balanced design sensibility: Designs and level layouts with a focus on
    gameplay and mechanics, but with narrative and art kept in mind

  • Strong teamwork and communication skills, comfortable with Agile/Scrum
    and waterfall development

Education (Chronological)

Digital Effects and Animation Technology  -  Piedmont Community College

Interactive Design and Game Development  -  Savannah College of Art and Design

Technical and Tool Skills

  • Game Engines

    • Unreal 5

    • Unity

    • UDK

  • Version Control​

    • Perforce​

    • Github

  • Task Management

    • JIRA

    • Trello

  • Modeling

    • Maya

    • Blender

    • Google Sketchup

  • 2D/Art​​​

    • Adobe Photoshop​

  • Code/Scripting Editors​

    • UE Blueprints

    • Microsoft Visual Studio​

    • Mono Develop

    • Sublime Text

  • General Skills​

    • Gameplay Mechanics

    • Level Design​
      Event Scripting

    • Environment Design

    • Set Dressing

    • Pacing

  • Video Editing​

    • Adobe After Effects

Professional Experience
Unannounced Title
Jan 2022 - May 2023
Game Designer
Deck Nine
  • Unannounced Narrative Adventure Game
    • Level and Gameplay design
    • POI and Event scripting
    • Cinematic Prototyping
    • AI event and Behavior State setup

Unannounced Title
Mar 2019 - Feb 2021
Associate Game Designer
Imangi Studios
  • That's classified (it is pretty cool though)
Temple Run 2
Mar 2019 - Feb 2021
Associate Game Designer                                   (Intermittently)
Imangi Studios
  • Designed and setup weekly Live Ops content 
  • ​Helped design Earth Day live event Mar-Apr 2019​
  • Did all level design work for Enchanted Palace modular track pieces. Worked with the Art team to set dress Enchanted Palace track pieces
Temple Run 2
Sept 2016 - Mar 2019
Technical QA Analyst
Imangi Studios
  • Gameplay and content QA testing in engine. Confirming and refining of bugs/issues discovered on platform side.​
  • Configured and built file bundles for new release content ​
  • Setup and tested backend configuration for content releases​​
Nov 2014 - Sept 2016
QA Playtest Technician
Epic Games (Contractor)
  • Coordinated with dev teams to setup in-person playtests to examine any changes the teams my have made​
  • Collected feedback and issues from playtests, organized and distributed it back to the teams.​
  • Worked with embedded QA and dev teams to test specific mechanics and content as devs worked on them
  • Performance testing on daily benchmark builds
  • Collected and Organized Analytics from public beta tests
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