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Temple Run 2

Game Info
Genre: Infinite Runner
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: January 16, 2013
Work Summary
Position: Level Designer
  • Setup and configuration of all track pieces in engine for Enchanted Palace 
  • Responsible for Rough and 2nd pass set dressing of all track pieces
  • Responsible for implementation of pacing configuration for all track pieces
At a high level, my process for set dressing these track pieces entailed two steps. First, I followed the artistic descriptions, and concept art to determine look and feel of each area, adding or adjusting details as ​I felt was needed. Step two involves an iterative process of presenting adjustments to, and integrating feedback from, artists, QA, and my own testing process, to strike a good balance between visual quality, player readability, and performance.
Covered Path area

For the Covered Path area (called "Ground" in engine) I focused on using visual story telling to convey a sense of a previously wonderous and decadent palace garden area that had since been flooded and overgrown with water plants. A good deal of effort was spent in adjusting prop scale and placement to enhance readability of the track.

Mountains area

In the Mountain area (called "Wall" in engine) the initial challenge was filling the environment adequately with a limited palette of props. Careful tweaks to placement, scale, and rotation to produce enough visual variation to the stone spires.

Water area

My work on the Water area had similar challenges to the Covered Path area. Scale and placement of stones, reeds, and lily pads were all iterated upon many times to help properly blend primary props and obstacles into the environment without negatively affecting readability.

Zoo area

To populate the Zoo area with props, I had the opportunity to built more unique and complex prop placements. Complex or composite props were organized into prefabs for use in multiple track pieces.

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